Kari Benshoof

Mortgage Advisor
MLO - 947218
Kari Benshoof
4380 SW Macadam Ave Suite 560
Portland, OR 97239
Direct: 503.501.2206
Cell: 503.709.8123
Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting decisions a person can make! Kari is very passionate about making the process as enjoyable as possible by ensuring her clients know and understand what to expect each step of the way. With 10 years experience in the real estate mortgage business, Kari is a great resource for her clients during their purchase and continues to be even after it closes. She is experienced in Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA financing.
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Kari Benshoof was incredibly helpful and professional both when I purchased my home and then several years later when rates improved and I refinanced it. When I went to buy my first home she helped patiently explain the components of the complex mortgage process. She provided me with weekly status updates and even professional movers as an added perk to working with her and her team. After I purchased the home, she continued to be a great resource - especially last year when I was looking to refinance. While I would fully expect a loan officer to be quick to encourage me to refinance so they would have another transaction out of me, I was pleasantly surprised to have Kari repeatedly advised me to not refinance. She explained that after my purchase using an FHA loan, FHA had drastically increased the mortgage insurance required for all new loans. This would thereby wipe out the benefits of the lower rate that I could have otherwise received. However, late last year, Kari contacted me and said home values in my area appeared to be up and that I might want to explore refinancing into a conventional mortgage. We went through several options and found a 15 year loan option that worked great for me! Everything went just as she promised with no surprises and I will have my house paid off in only 15 years while only having a slightly higher payment than my 30 year FHA loan.

Steve Shinen

Kari is the best. She was extremely knowledgeable in getting us the best rates and the best type of loan. She was organized and kept us well informed throughout the process. She always answered our questions promptly and accurately.

Trent Foxely & Chad Stewart