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Home Maintenance: Time to Make a Plan

So you’ve gone through the entire mortgage process, and now you’re in your new home. You’ve had the inspections, fixed any big problems, gotten the furniture positioned the way you like it, and the moving boxes are all gone. Time to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the knowledge that you’re fully in your new home.

OK, break’s over. Let’s talk about home maintenance!

It’s not quite that urgent, but right after you purchase a home is a great time to think about your plan for taking care of those critical tasks that will keep it safe and in good condition. It’s something that comes with home ownership – if you buy a car you know to change the oil periodically, and you should approach home maintenance with the same resolve.

And, honestly, it’s not as hard as it may seem. Most of the routine tasks don’t require any special skills; it’s mostly a matter of remembering to take care of them. Only a few even require professional help.

Here’s a quick list of the things you should check out once you’re settled in your home, and then regularly after that, at the intervals noted.

  • Inspect the exterior for cracked or peeling paint. Frequency: Every summer.
  • Clean and check the gutters and rooflines. Frequency: Every late summer/fall.
  • Test the water seal on any decks. Frequency: Every spring/early summer.
  • Check the caulk seal on windows, toilets and tubs. Frequency: Once, and then check every fall.
  • Look for moisture in crawl spaces. Frequency: Before every rainy season.
  • Inspect the furnace, air conditioner and filters. Frequency: Every year; pick a date.
  • Change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Frequency: Twice a year.
  • Seal cracks in asphalt driveways. Frequency: Once a year.

This is just a starter list; you can find handy, more comprehensive checklists online, like the ones linked in this article.

Or, even better: We live in the age of convenient and helpful apps! Check out simple but thorough systems like the one offered by Househappy. This company’s rep will do a thorough assessment of your home’s DNA and then help you create an automated maintenance calendar that reminds you when routine and preventative maintenance tasks need addressing. Programs like this not only provide reminders, they keep detailed records of what you’ve done, for easy reference and to impress buyers when you sell.

Tips for home maintenance resources are just one way an Alpine mortgage advisor can help you with a home purchase and the right mortgage for you. Contact us today, and you might be pondering home maintenance sooner than you thought!



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